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My cousin, in his capacity as deputy head of a particular ward somewhere, has observed many a politician over the years. I myself have come across a handful of actors and actresses in the course of living in the city. While not everyone may have tales to tell of seeing hordes of politicians, most everyone can probably relate several instances of witnessing real live entertainers with their own eyes.
These two slightly unusual types of experiences have instilled in me a reinforced awareness of the mental places existing within the minds of people. From this position, I tackle the task of illustrating human figures by encapsulating the central figure and his or her mental place within a single frame. I endeavor to lend tangible forms to my paintings and drawings. The central figures that I choose to depict are culled from tales of mythological, religious, and traditional lore. I invite all who view my pictures to recall whatever special experience they may have had as a result of seeing a famous entertainer and understand my strange art by which I have attempted to illustrate mental places and central characters.